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PSA: if you follow me without having first interacted (favouriting a toot is not interacting, you have to actually interact with me), I'll remove your follow.

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Welcome to the , my own little planet in the Fediverse. What you will see here:
1) my random jabberings;
2) Christian-based commentary;
3) Bible verses;
4) conversations;
5) quotes;
6) etc.

Most everything that isn't conversation/jabberings, I will attempt to tag with - though it may not always be possible (due to character counts and my crappy memory).

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What is ?

It's just a play on words, really, with a few different variations.

1) The Messianic Resurrection - Christ, our hope, resurrected from the grave in the first century, and ascended to the right hand of God.

2) The Messianic Insurrection - not to be confused with anything stupid like a political insurrection. Just the advancement of Christ's kingdom on the hearts of the lost.

3) The effect of the first two on my own life - aka "the mess."

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I'm known around the web as Indie. I am:
- Christian
- married
- mother to 3
- Canadian
- a generalist
- self-employed

I enjoy:
- spreadsheets
- organizing (other people's things, not my own)
- potatoes
- hobby farming
- jumping spiders
- technology
- the colour brown

Welcome to my planet!

TIL: ADHD is linked to high pain tolerance.

This explains SO much for me.

My contractor wears a white jacket on the job and somehow doesn't get an ounce of dirt on it and now I'm convinced he's some kind of wizard.

I would not give up hobby farm life for all the money in the world. And as annoyed as I get sometimes, it is a blessing to be able to care for my husband’s parents and allow them to enjoy the farm life without being forced to do all the work.

I’ve finished one of the cushion covers (well, minus the buttons to close it up, anyway)

Looks SO much better than the peachy pink, if I do say so myself.

Someone used one of my e-mail aliases to sign up for some... interesting... emails. Thankfully 90% of my aliases are for garbage so I just deleted it.

Exhausted. I just pulled EVERYTHING (picnic table, outdoor couch, hammock frame, insulated wooden cat house, propane grill) off our back deck by myself so that our contractor can start the work of refinishing it.

I didn't know he was starting that today, else I would have had my husband and nearly-adult son do it yesterday before they left to go back to the city.

I really ought to learn to just shut my mouth sometimes, even if I stand by what I would have said.

I have thoughts about the Queen's funeral today, but I'm too frustrated to share them clearly.

Suffice it to say: is one person's death so much more remarkable than another's?

Goodnight, pumpkins! Sweet dreams and sleep well!

Guinea fowl went in all on their own tonight, which makes me VERY happy and I hate them much less.

The black chicks, well, they had to be forced in, but now everyone is together and resting for the night.

PSA: if you follow me without having first interacted (favouriting a toot is not interacting, you have to actually interact with me), I'll remove your follow.

I've decided that there is no point in trying to sleep in on Sundays. I'll just wake up at the same time every day of the week, working or not.

It would have been nice had my FIL not sprung all these birds on me yesterday. I have nowhere near enough feed, feeders, and waterers to keep up with 23 chickens and 6 GFs.

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Welcome to Messurrection - short for Messianic Resurrection AND Messianic Insurrection. There are so many plays on words involved in this, really. Don't take "insurrection" to mean something stupid like a political insurrection. It's Christ's kingdom advancing on the hearts of the lost. It's the constant movement of the Holy Spirit, drawing people to Christ, bringing light to the darkness. It is the hope of the gospel, presented by a mere servant of the King.