PSA: if you follow me without having first interacted (favouriting a toot is not interacting, you have to actually interact with me), I'll remove your follow.

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@servant i know i dont say much, but i do enjoy following. Consider this my periodic interaction update haha.

@Hawk1291 you’ve interacted in more significant ways than most, there’s no worries there! :-P

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Welcome to Messurrection - short for Messianic Resurrection AND Messianic Insurrection. There are so many plays on words involved in this, really. Don't take "insurrection" to mean something stupid like a political insurrection. It's Christ's kingdom advancing on the hearts of the lost. It's the constant movement of the Holy Spirit, drawing people to Christ, bringing light to the darkness. It is the hope of the gospel, presented by a mere servant of the King.